Fred Voss

PYROM designed by Fred Voss, lets you experience the fascinating beauty of geometry and design, all while playing. Countless shapes, structures and designs await the creative child. 40 building blocks in red, black and unstained colors. The game’s base has four square buidling panels in a square frame. On this base, you lay, shape and build endless variations with the beautifully finished blocks. The blocks themselves are based on rhombic dodecahedrons.

  • Beautiful Construction
  • 40 Building Blocks and endless design combinations
  • Build flat or go vertical!

Ponte is both a modern design piece and construction toy designed by Fred Voss. Each of the eight high quality modular pieces receives a precision lacquered finish unlike any other in the toy and game industry. For over 60 years the ” Naef ” brand of Switzerland has been synonymous with quality, safety, and customer loyalty.


Argon designed by Fred Voss in 1968 is a cube divided a into eight blocks. Many variations of constructions can be produced with the disassembled cube. The colorful parts fit on top of and into each other, so that a multitude of compositions are possible.


Froebelia ™ are low cost items with artistic qualities for you to browse online and order for yourself or as gifts for friends.