Play Gifts

by Friedrich Froebel

Beechwood blocks made since 1835 to the original designs of Friedrich Froebel

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91 beechwood blocks in four boxes with sliding lids

  • 8 one inch cubes,
  • 8 blocks 2 x 1 x .5 inches
  • 21 one inch cubes, 6 half blocks, 12 quarter blocks.
  • 18 blocks 2 x 1 x .5 inches, 12 blocks 1 x 1 x .5 inches, 6 blocks 2 x .5 x 5 inches

It all starts with a cube

The natural activity of a child builds learning, discovery and creativity.

Froebel’s original ‘Gifts’ are a series of specifically designed objects to be given to children to explore and create. The objects were designed to be used in open-ended play activities and each gift was meant to help the child begin to understand the properties of objects in relation to the surrounding world.

Froebel ‘Gifts’ are a key aspect of the practice and pedagogy of Friedrich Froebel, which includes outdoor experiences, gardening, songs and games.

“Realising how the gifts were eventually misused by Kindergarten teachers who followed after Froebel, it is important to consider what Froebel expected the Gifts to achieve. He envisaged that the Gifts will teach the child to use his environment as an educational aid; secondly, that they will give the child an indication of the connection between human life and life in nature; and finally that they will create a bond between the adult and the child who play with them”

Joachim Liebschner on page 82 in his book, A Child’s Work: Freedom and Guidance in Froebel’s Educational Theory and Practice.

Paradise of Childhood

This practical guide to playing with the building blocks designed by Friedrich Froebel has many illustrations can be read online

A free digitised version of Paradise of Childhood by Edward Wiebe, Edited by Milton Bradley London: George Phillip & Son Ltd., 1896 is available as a single PDF (74MB) at the Froebel Digital Collection.

The psychology of Froebel’s play-gifts

This book by Denton Snider can be read online.

Making Classic Toys That Teach: Step-by-Step Instructions for Building Froebel’s Iconic Developmental Toys

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Buy maple blocks made in the United States

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