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The mathematical universe lives all around us. New ideas, forms, and methods exist everywhere, ready to be introduced into human culture. It just takes someone who can see what is there and make something out of it.

Creator 1 is a great starter kit is discover this unique and elegant approach to learning. Build domes, crystals, flowers, bridges – anything you can imagine! Zometool will help you form a new understanding of the coherent structure of space.

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Zome Geometry: Hands-on Learning with Zome Models
This book is a guide to exploration and education with Zome Advanced Math Kit and provides more than 60 easy to follow activities and over 150 explorations into the geometry of nature inherent in the Zome System.

Mathematicians such as Roger Penrose of Oxford University and John Conway of Princeton University used Zometool to model complex geometric forms.

Steve Baer was fascinated with the dome geometry introduced by architect R. Buckminster Fuller. After seeing what his wife constructed with a child’s toy while they lived in Zurich, Baer invented Zometoy which was demonstrated at the New York Toy Fair in 1971 with plastic ball joints and wooden dowel struts. One of the Waldorf School’s projects in 1985 involved obtaining a large Zometoy kit and using it to acquaint students with the icosahedral system in space.

Marc Pelletier and Paul Hildebrandt developed an ingenious design for a connector ball, learned injection molding, and with Master machinist Bob Nickerson created the most complicated plastic injection mold ever designed.

Advanced Math Creator 4 is not only bigger (738 parts.). It also includes our advanced Green Struts, that add a whole new dimension to your Zometool models. Sought after by educators and artists, the Creator 4 is perfect for people who want to take their Zometool models to the next level. Clear and colorful step-by-step instructions will get you started while leaving you a wide universe open for exploration and free-play. Zometool is 100% made in the USA using wind-powered electricity and kid-safe materials. All Zometool kits are guaranteed for life.

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