The Froebel Gallery brings a selection of the best fine art in the world to our national and international patrons.

Ian Barton Stewart plays Claude Debussy’s Arabesque no 1 in this video about an exhibition of his paintings at the Neue Privat Bank in Zürich.

The Gallery is an outgrowth of an original collaboration on the part of John (Johannes) Froebel-Parker and Maria de las Nieves Gonzalez Sanchez de Cespedes Montejano Duarte of Madrid with Ms. Peggy White of Albany’s tob Gallery.

In 1990, Froebel-Parker and Gonzalez took the reins and began Grupo Arte, Madrid-Albany. Its first curated show was held in the Nelson Rockefeller Plaza of the New York State government complex in Albany, New York. The Hispanic Heritage Month celebration brought to the United States the well-known Madrid artists-Lorenzo Mena (Havana-Madrid), Pedro Extremera and Jose Maria Iglesias. Gonzalez, a graduate of the Universidad Complutense in Meso-american anthropology had already done museum research in the small villages of Castilla, while Froebel-Parker had received his Masters Degrees in German Literature and Education.

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