Play Gifts

by Friedrich Froebel


$150.00 includes free shipping worldwide

91 beechwood blocks in four boxes with sliding lids

  • 8 one inch cubes,
  • 8 blocks 2 x 1 x .5 inches
  • 21 one inch cubes, 6 half blocks, 12 quarter blocks.
  • 18 blocks 2 x 1 x .5 inches, 12 blocks 1 x 1 x .5 inches, 6 blocks 2 x .5 x 5 inches

It all starts with a cube

The natural activity of a child builds learning, discovery and creativity.

Paradise of Childhood

This practical guide to playing with the building blocks designed by Friedrich Froebel has many illustrations can be read online

A free digitised version of Paradise of Childhood by Edward Wiebe, Edited by Milton Bradley London: George Phillip & Son Ltd., 1896 is available as a single PDF (74MB) at the Froebel Digital Collection.

The psychology of Froebel’s play-gifts

This book by Denton Snider can be read online.

for our children